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    Why Occupational Therapy Matters In Spina Bifida Management

    The aim of occupational therapy in children with spina bifida is to help the child be able to do everyday activities and to achieve a degree of independence in this. The importance of this is hard to understate. The less a child feels like they are burden to everyone else, the more likely they are to live normal and healthy lives even with their condition. read more Read more

    Making Your Home Conducive For A Child With Cerebral Palsy

    Living with a child with cerebral palsy can pose certain challenges, especially if your home is not adapted to the special needs of the child. Modifying your home to meet your child’s needs will go a long way in making the child comfortable. Some of these modifications will also reduce the possibility of accidents by removing barriers and other things that may harm your child. In this article, we explain some of the modifications that could help make your home a safe and more comfortable place for your child. read more Read more

    How Your Diet Can Aid Post Stroke Therapy

    For most people, recovering from a stroke is a long and tiring journey.  Very often, people recovering from strokes will experience loss of appetite, which makes it harder to give them the nutrition they need. For others, this might be coupled with a loss of hand or other muscle movement that makes the very process of eating much more difficult. read more Read more

    How To Support An Autistic Child With Eating Problems

    Children with autism can be picky eaters. If you are a parent of such a special child, you should know that you are not alone in your journey to make your child eat healthier. Surveys indicate that children with autism are actually five times more likely to have eating problems. Some of the common food problems include narrow food selection, meal-related tantrum and the like. It is important to expand the diet of a picky eater with autism. This is because it helps reduce diet complications in their body. Here is a look at some of the tips that are effective for supporting a picky eater with autism. read more Read more

    Harmful Myths About Spasticity That Parents Should Be Aware Of

    Cerebral palsy is one of the causes that lead to spasticity. Spasticity is a medical condition whereby a person is unable to control muscular movements that result in involuntary clenching and tightening of muscles in joints of the affected area. This means, that it becomes hard for patients to perform normal daily activities like washing and dressing without help. read more Read more

    Can Athletes Use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Sports Injury?

    It is normal for athletes to get sports related injuries during exercises or during the main sports events. These injuries occur mostly due to improper equipment, insufficient warm ups, lack of conditioning or poor training techniques. In the recent years, more pro athletes are turning to hyperbaric chambers to quicken their recovery from sports injury. This is the same therapy applied to help autistic patients who are required to undergo autism hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Toronto. Sports injuries usually involve the muscles, cartilage and bones due to the activities involved. read more Read more

    How Yoga is Being Used To Counter Athetosis In Patients

    Athetosis is a condition that involves involuntary movements, which affect the entire body. The involuntary movement of the entire body can be tortuous, as it involves movement of the limbs, face, neck and trunk. The human brain has a part referred to as extra pyramidal system. This part of the brain plays a critical role in ensuring there is body balance. read more Read more

    Treating Cerebral Palsy Through Physiotherapy

    One of the common causes of childhood disability is the actual cerebral palsy. As such, it is important for parents to closely monitor their children as they grow. If they exhibit any medical problems, parents should be quick to take an appropriate action. Ignorance can be costly in the long run. Cerebral palsy can be defined as a non-progressive but frequently changing motor impairment. Anomalies of the brain mostly arise in the early stages of the condition. Here is more on what you need to know when dealing with cerebral palsy. read more Read more

    Treating Gluten Ataxia Through Dietary Changes

    Gluten ataxia is a condition that is associated with body problems that result from an incompatibility of the body with protein gluten. To explain further, your body actually reacts to the protein gluten when your immune system get rids of gluten in your diet. If you are suffering from gluten ataxia, you need not panic because there are a number of solutions that you may consider to deal with the matter. Following a strict gluten-free diet is one of the effective ways of dealing with the problem. read more Read more

    Why Is There An Acute Rise Of Younger Stroke Patients In Our World Today?

    In the recent past, the number of cases of younger people undergoing post stroke treatment has increased and research shows that there is a rise of young people being affected by stroke than the older people. A decade ago, this was not the case and it is surprising to see that what was once considered to be a condition that mostly affected the elderly is now prevalent with our youth. read more Read more

    How Post TBI Patients Can Prepare To Go Back To Work

    Patients who suffer from Traumatic Brain injury (TBI) have been known to fully recover after quality brain injury treatment. It is unfortunate that sometimes a brain injury can happen to a person who is the sole breadwinner at home and that he/she has to work to earn a living because of dependents looking up to them for financial support. If this is the case, post TBI patients sometimes face challenges when it comes to going back to work. In this article, we help post TBI patients understand the changes that take place and ways they can adapt to make their re-entry into the workforce easy. read more Read more

    A Look At Multiple Sclerosis And Ways To Diagnose It

    Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease that is known to disrupt the myelin, which protects and insulates nerve cells found in the spine and brain cells. Multiple sclerosis is believed to affect people from the ages of 20 to 50 and can also occur in young children. Women stand the risk of getting multiple sclerosis two or three times higher than men. MS has a genetic component and it is believed people with first-degree relatives who have the disease also stand a risk of getting the disease than any other person. read more Read more

    How To Deal With TBI Headaches Effectively

    Headaches are a common issue after traumatic brain injury. It is also known as “post traumatic headache”. It has been observed that over 30% of patients who have undergone a brain surgery treatment get these symptoms long after the operation. These headaches mostly come and go and this can make it hard for you to carry out your daily activities effectively. They can sometimes cause a difficulty in thinking and remembering things. read more Read more